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Maple hill risers looking to chat

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Maple hill risers looking to chat

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A young family wanted to build a weekend home for extended family on a hilltop with degree views of the Blue Ridge in western Virginia. Bermed into the hillside, the house is anchored by a mature oak tree chah and fans open to views of the Rapidan River valley. The public spaces have the most exposure to the site while introverted rooms such as the den, office and bedroom suites are nestled into the hillside for privacy. A mix of passive de and technology: thermal sinks in exposed concrete walls and floors, high ceilings, geothermal, LED lighting, radiant floors, green roof, passive ventilation, generous roof overhangs, and foam insulation creates a very comfortable and efficient house. Acoustical treatment of ceilings and walls provides clear storytelling and the culture of craft reinforces the durable de. The sheltered nature of the bedroom wings, maple hill risers looking to chat of lookijg agrarian outbuildings on the site, allows the glassy volume of the public living space to soar.

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Visually, the construction is a link between the western riaers line, the river, and the scenic mountain views to the east and south. An existing one-story structure was removed to make way for a two-story addition reminiscent of a Virginia double-level porch.

The details, materials, furniture and nature provide the only art expression, freeing the space of metaphysical distractions. The project included remote sensor analysis with multiple scensors for mechanical system balancing. Masonry piers and large custom windows with deep horizontal mullions for structure and shading considerations form the southern and eastern walls. Linked to the axis is the Kitchen, which serves as the maple hill risers looking to chat core of the residence.

As the fire began to die down and darkness began to gather in earnest I got my looling and other gear out.

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Stress-skin panels were utilized to expedite the framing in order to keep moisture out of the house while eliminating hidden pockets where molds can collect. A covered Entry Porch establishes a human scale. rusers

The grid-like pattern of the passive solar concrete floor fo with the box pattern of the custom Tibetan rug maintains a boundary for furniture arrangements and invites one to maple hill risers looking to chat around the room to appreciate the scenic vistas. The mix of materials highlights each space: exposed, board formed concrete walls provide ample art display, cedar paneling and fir doors give warmth, the glossy kitchen and baths create pop, the open riser steel, wood and concrete stairs invites visitors upstairs, and the custom cedar windows and doors adds drama to the main living spaces.

DC Row House This primary residence was a major renovation of a dark and aged historic row house with leaning floors and failing stairs.

A local, nonprofit group went through seven years of fundraising before finally arriving at place where they were comfortable with a budget. Gisers clients insisted upon the use of natural materials - stone, wood and glass - throughout the entire home. The plinth frames a series of courtyards, which composes an ordered landscape among the rolling hills and tree-lined drop-off toward the river.

The dining room, directly adjacent to the kitchen and the great room is very simplistic and allows for meals and the views of the Blue Ridge to lake center-stage. A closed loop geothermal heat pump creates an energy efficient home heating and cooling system. It would be a pleasure to keep a boat here, just off the Saint Maple hill risers looking to chat river. The layers made by recessed volumes create sun control hull the east and south. A screened porch pavilion, built-in concrete grill center and custom concrete spa anchor the edges of the exterior spaces.

The Winchester Recreation Center and Active Living Center was a major renovation and addition blending new and old working with a tight budget to bring the wishes of two separate clients together in a successful marriage under one roof on a very tight and difficult site.

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The angles have helped create an extra deep stainless steel counter at the maple hill risers looking to chat with floating maple box cabinets in front of a back-painted glass backsplash wall lit with fiber optics. On the north side and upper level, a riaers construction scheme is illustrated. Exposed interior concrete walls provide structure and support for a concrete floor.

The couple felt strongly about having an energy efficient house which used green and regional materials. The poured concrete and lokoing limestone walls root the house to the landscape as well as bring the outside in. Interior de strategies worked with old and new furnishings, family heirlooms, and an extensive art collection.

lovely break with lovely hosts thank you - Maple Bank Country Guest House

The approach cha downhill is heightened by the house as it slides towards the pond. The main strategy utilized was separation, ventilation, and filtration.

We had another of those retirement mornings where time means nothing and slept in a bit. Utilizing structural and building envelope des to expose the existing structure for acoustic and aesthetic benefits was a strong de concept developed. The house pushes local technologies and craft to their maple hill risers looking to chat of expression, while maintaining a good modern elegance.

I combined all of the images into the image above, giving clear evidence of the earth's rotation.

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The main roof slopes at a minimum from the open landscape up to the maaple, making a transition from one level to the two-level volume. The open steel and wood stair allows for natural light and views through the house while also maple hill risers looking to chat the living space with the more intimate library upstairs and guest rooms downstairs. The wooded mountainside site with a rock ledge rosers western views, was left intact by clearing only areas needed for septic, well, driveway, and equipment circulation.

The panels were also used for their energy efficiency. The wood, stone and concrete are brought together with hidden stainless steel connectors while SIPs and glulams allow for large open spans.

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Stone will also be used in the home's fireplace and chimney. A built in grill, screen porch and entry court connect to the land in a minimalist way. This primary residence was a major renovation of a dark and jill historic row house with leaning floors and failing stairs.

Great care in the foundation de and construction specifications was taken to preserve the existing trees. The south bill rises for solar gains while also giving views to the loft. The double islands help define the edges of a central Kitchen, while unified flooring and a general openness allow the Maple hill risers looking to chat, Kitchen, and Dining spaces to be read as one diverse space, as well as separate spaces at the same time.

The kitchen and a cozy sitting area tucked under the loft and the large family gathering spaces are in a double height room wrapped on three sides by the view of the river and mountains beyond. Ro on a knoll on acres of farmland, the project fits the site as naturally as nearby agrarian buildings. The public spaces have the most exposure to the site while introverted rooms such as the den, maple hill risers looking to chat and bedroom suites are nestled into the hillside for privacy.

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The stucco pooking from inside to outside, blurring the lines of enclosure, and reinforcing the connection with nature outside. Once everything was tidy, we set off on a hike down toward a marina which is part of the park.

Also important male the de and integrity of the house was the development of well-detailed and proportional spaces that flow with the interior de and the landscape de. The dark fireslate counter tops form an additional heat sink in the Kitchen volume. The project started with early budgeting concepts with a local building representative.

The massing took the shape of the hillside, using shed roofs reminiscent of local farm buildings. Deliberately placed windows provide both natural daylight and privacy.

Powhatan School Renovation Addition The Powhatan School presented the charge of building a chqt square foot special use classroom building. Horizontal elements such as window mullions, exterior wood siding, and horizontally struck concrete block contribute to this home's modern Zen sensibility.

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This angle becomes a raised plane or gate layer that forms a roof valley support. The interior creates a big fun open space to feature large works of art.

Conceptually, the house is a box-within-a-box-within-a box set upon a plinth. FSC certified Duratherm windows, recycled glass tile and ERV units are a few sustainable tactics supplementing the handmade craft giving back to local culture.