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Party line chat rooms

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Party line chat rooms

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The Free Chat Line. Totally Free.

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You must have at least 2 rooms in use to do this, and it will move an entire room to another room of your choice. You can then edit their password or delete their.

Once party line chat rooms are viewing the room you want, at the top of the beside where it shows your room count you will see all the same actions to control the room and will now be able to see, and control individual callers in the room. It is free to use, and works great.

You can search by date for day to day, search by month, cat search any other way you want. You can then click on the hand to make it go away after you chah them or if they press star 59 again it will deactivate. Moderator will party line chat rooms you if a moderator is in the room. To view and control individual callers click on the room code you want to view under Active Rooms.

Duration is how long it has been in use. Change moderator codes so that they can have phone party line chat rooms. It will only affect that one room, and they will have total phone control of it. That caller will then be blocked from your entire party line.

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You will only want to do this in extreme cases, like if you made a lot of changes to your party line, and wanted it all reset. The only information you will see on the web control is the area code and last 2 digits of a callers telephone. Room Allow This overrides Room Block. The green music symbol turns the room volume up. You would only party line chat rooms this unchecked if you actually wanted a room like that.

Simply xhat best phone and web controls ;arty.

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Free Chat Line. For your safety, and everyone else's we do not allow anyone to have access to complete telephone pparty on our system. This is only good if you block out entire area codes from accessing paryy party line, and want to allow certain party line chat rooms to get through, or if you want to add your own so that you never have to worry about getting blocked out by mistake. If you click on that spot a box will pop up where you can type in anything you want for their name.

The Premium Chat Line. Only party line owners have access to this feature 8 Roll Call.

Totally Commercial Free. To create a room owner just click on create new.

If you click on this it will delete your entire room block list. To change a room owners password or delete their click on search. Start Chatting. When it is green they are unmuted. You can make as many changes as you like to any or all of the rooms. Men Women Party line chat rooms Lifestyles.

Record a room greeting that callers will hear before entering your room. You have party line chat rooms separate block list for this where you can delete or add blocks to your entire party line. If any caller enters star rolms from in the room you will see the word Help show up beside it.

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System Information. Lock or Unlock the room so that no one else can enter.

Caller ID-Blocking Your. Only party line owners have access to this feature Logout Regular features for all callers on your party line Just enter Star 0 through Star 9, Star Star, and Star Pound to access all lins the features in a room. The Free Chat Line.